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My guide for looking stylish every day

Growing up in Russia at a very difficult soviet times, I never had access nor money for nice clothing. Everything was in such a big deficit at that time, that my parents would have to go to a big city like Moscow to stand in lines for hours just to get a pair of shoes. My mom learned how to sew blouses, dresses and suits for me. She always wanted me to look beautiful and somewhat stylish at school, music performances and everyday life. So it is my mother who I owe the constant desire and intent to look good..

Attempt to look stylish at a high school (I knitted my own sweater, my mom made my vest and this skirt)

When I came to US in 1999 for the first time as an exchange student, I couldn’t believe my eyes, because of the variety of stores with the volume of inventory in it. Even though some of the brands were affordable, of course I only had minimum amount of money to spend as a student. I started to look for the stores where I can find quality clothing at significant discounts. I remember my first pair of jeans that I bought in America was in Marshalls, at a clearance rack for $9.00. That was one the happiest moments of my trip to US (LOL).

My first american jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

Anyway, I looked and looked for good deals and learned to wait until the designer pieces go on sale, discovered eBay, promo codes and coupons, and simply learned how to be a frugal shopper. I am a great believer that we can look stylish and attractive everyday without spending a fortune. Here are a few technics from my personal shopping guide:
1. Own a few essentials like little black dress or a bandage dress, nice business suit and a pair of nude pumps. When you don’t have time to think about what to wear, throw these essentials on and look great!
2. Do not chase designer clothes and accessories all the time – Invest in a just FEW quality pieces. For example, a Louis Vuitton bag, a pair of red bottom shoes and designer sunglasses. You are guaranteed to look luxurious with these pieces on even with a dress from  “Ross” or a blouse from “Marshalls”.
3. Use web-sites like, or to look for the above pieces. Some of them even provide the guarantee of authenticity. Sometimes prices are 50% off or more of the original depending on a condition of an item.
4. If you shop online, always google coupons and promo codes for the web-sites you are using. 90% of the time I am able to find the coupons and save at least 10% – 30% on my purchase. To receive 20% on the first order from “olga’s closet” click here.
5. No matter how skinny or not skinny you are, always wear a shapewear, especially with a bodycon dresses and tight jeans. Invest in a good pair of those and next time you see me…you will thank me!
For more style secrets, tips on when designer clothes go on sale, how to reuse and recycle clothes you don’t wear anymore, how to make the same dress/ outfit look different each time you wear it, and etc. sign up for a style consultation with me here.
Even with these technics you have to have a desire and take action to look good every day. In Russia we wear high heels and make up even to a grocery store to get a loaf of bread. This is how dedicated I am to look attractive all the time. For the single ladies out there: in the end of the day you never know when you are going to meet the love of your life, so always be prepared. And for the married ones: if you make a constant effort to look attractive for your husband, he will have no reasons to look at other women!

On my way to Publix

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