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7 different ways to wear the CAPE

First time I ever saw a cape style blazer was about 2 years ago in Europe. Here, in the US, it was not very popular yet. I love extravagant/different pieces and it was the main reason why I was attracted to it right away. It is not only a fashion trend now; it can also be very comfortable and provide some cover where desired.
Here are some of the ways you can wear the cape:
1. Feel sexy and young in this slinky mini dress which can cover your back and sides.

With the beautiful Kelly Ann Pisano at “Style By Olga” fashion party

2. What could be more fun and different then the cape sleeves?

With the amazing Ann Edwards at the KW BOLD class

3. This ensemble of dress and cape overlay is a statement of confidence and sophistication.

With the lovely Candace Swenson at the WCR Sarasota Fashion Show

4. Enhance the silhouette and your style with the cape suit, that will become your essential classic piece forever.

at the Sarasota Yacht Club

5. Wear the cape blazer with jeans or skinny pants. Get a lot of compliments just like Ashley did.

with the gorgeous Ashley Parr at the KW BOLD class

6. Have the cape maxi dress and even the jumpsuit attract all the attention in the world!!

The sweetest Leah Bunning visiting “my closet”

7. Finally, have the cape cover to wear when it’s cool outside. Easy to wear, stylish and warm – all at the same time.

With my beautiful MOM

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